It takes an athlete to know an athlete’s body, training, injuries, recovery and rehabilitation.  Dr. Sabrina has always been active in sports, including competitive running, badminton, tennis, dragon boating and ballroom dancing.  She cycles regularly, and participates in a variety of other sports on a recreational basis.  She utilizes a variety of techniques to help athletes, including Atlas Orthogonal, SOT, Palmer Package, Myofascial Release and Physical Therapy stretches and exercises.  Over the years, Dr. Sabrina has volunteered her services, treating athletes at many sporting events, including the World Police and Fire Games, Ontario Summer Games, Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival, and Breast Cancer 2-Day Walk.

A note to athletes involved in high-impact or contact sports

If you have had hard or repeated impacts to the head, or concussions, it is highly recommended that you have your atlas bone checked for subluxations.  A subluxated atlas can significantly impact your body awareness (and coordination),  performance, and ability to focus. While chiropractic is often beneficial throughout training and competition, the ideal time to begin chiropractic care (especially for the atlas) is during the off-season.  This is to allow the body time to recover and stabilize before heavy training begins again.

*As with all techniques and therapies, a thorough consultation and examination is necessary to determine if a person is a candidate for that type of care, and results will vary from person to person.