What to expect

Complimentary Consultation

Vancouver’s Pediatric & Family Wellness Chiropractor is not your typical chiropractic office and while we think we’re special and would love to help you, what we do is not for everyone. To get an idea of what you’re looking for, and to introduce ourselves to you, we offer a free 5 – 10 minute consultation with Dr. Sabrina prior to booking a full evaluation in our office. Please give us a call at +1-604-566-9088 or email us at drchensee@gmail.com to get started.

To prepare for this consultation, we ask that you please download, fill out and return our Baseline Health Questionaire. This will give Dr. Sabrina a brief outline of your concerns. While the form seems geared to children, which it is, we would like adult patients to also fill it out, with issues, past (including childhood) and present. Once we receive your questionnaire, we will call you to book the consultation, which can be done in-office, over the phone, or by video conference.

New Patient Evaluation

We are committed to your total health, which is more than just the current issues that is bothering you. Therefore, we take a thorough approach to you initial evaluation, which can take 75 to 90 minutes in our office. This amount of time and number of steps help us to get to know you as an individual, your unique history and current lifestyle and situation, all of which will affect the rate and extent to which we can help you reach your health goals.

There are 4 parts to this first visit:

1. Information

Please give us some information about you by filling out the Case History (for children and teens, please fill out the Pediatric Case History form). You can save and email this form to us (drchensee@gmail.com) prior to your appointment OR print, fill and bring with you to the appointment). We also have an Intro to the Office video for you to see!

To get an even better idea of what our office stands for and how to get the most out of your care, please RSVP to our “Bright Light Bulb Talk”, aka New Patient Orientation. It’s on most Mondays from 6:30 to 8 and once per month on a Friday from 12:30 to 2 pm.

2. Case History

Dr. Sabrina will tell you about what she does and will find out more about you, your history and current condition. Injuries to the spine can occur as early as the birth process. This detailed case history is very helpful to uncover possible causes to complicated cases.

3. Chiropractic Examination

Dr. Sabrina will like to determine how normally or abnormally your body functions. She will be checking your posture, weight balance, range of motion, muscle tone, and directed tests for your nerves, muscles, joints and soft tissues.

4. X-rays if necessary

In our office, we have the latest model of digital x-ray machines to take pictures of your spine. We believe that to see is to know, to not see is to guess, and we don’t want to guess about your health. The need for x-rays and which ones will be determined during your examination. If you have had x-rays or other imaging of the area of complaint, please bring them with you if possible.

Report of Findings

On the next visit, you’ll watch a short video, then Dr. Sabrina will give a report of her findings and give her recommendations. Dr. Sabrina is known for making recommendations to making lasting changes to the spine, which includes frequent visits during the stabilization process. Following this, if you are a candidate for chiropractic care, she will deliver the first adjustment. She will start with limited areas and light force to get to know your body and what it can handle. This appointment may take up to 45-60 minutes.

Subsequent Visits

Subsequent visits in our office always focus on building the healing process. Dr. Sabrina will always test to see which areas need to be adjusted, then adjust, and conclude with homework instructions if necessary. Feedback is very much encouraged as it helps Dr. Sabrina direct and modify care to best benefit your current situation. These visits do not take very long and we have convenient early morning and late evening hours, so most patients won’t have to take time from work or school for care.


It is not necessary to have a medical doctor’s referral to see Dr. Sabrina. Many patients, however, have been referred to Dr. Sabrina by their dentist, family doctor, massage therapist, coach, family or friends. If you are a satisfied patient of our office or if by reading this website, you like what you’ve read, then we would greatly appreciate you spreading the word.