Honestly, I did not know anything about Chiropractic until a couple of acquaintances suggested it as a career option. I was in my second year at University of Toronto, majoring in Human Physiology. I was curious. Fascinatingly enough, the philosophy of chiropractic seemed to describe me as a person.

First of all, Chiropractic is described as being a triune of Science, Art and Philosophy. The “Science” is the education and understanding of how the body is supposed to work, what happens if something goes wrong, and theoretically how to correct the problem. The “Art” is the skill, especially manual dexterity, and nuances to feel the problems and then make the proper correction. The basic “Philosophy” of chiropractic is that we are self-healing organisms. If we can remove any obstacles to healing (ie. blocked nerve transmission due to spinal misalignment), then the body can and will heal, within reason.

Here I was, an Artist by nature, a Scientist by education, and Philosopher in the making, practically looking into a mirror. How lucky I am to have found my calling in life, and it enables me to give people hope, help, and better health!

Dr. Sabrina, The Scientist


Dr. Sabrina Chen-See

Excellence, attention to detail, and genuine interest in the workings of the human body characterize me as the scientist. In fact, I considered becoming a researcher before realizing how much I thrived on developing relationships with people and participating in their health journey.

After completing my Bachelors of Science in Physiology from the University of Toronto, I went to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa where I graduated magna cum laude with my Doctor of Chiropractic degree. I was the teaching assistant for Neuroanatomy. This position helped me develop an ability to explain the connections between a person’s neurology and symptoms, and then suggest areas in which chiropractic adjustments could be applied to facilitate proper nerve flow.

I interned with Dr. Roy Sweat, the founder of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique, in Atlanta, Georgia, and gained Board Certification through Sherman College of Chiropractic. Afterwards, I went to Port Perry, Ontario to intern with Dr. Helen Peel and Dr. Reva Bathie, the foremost Sacral Occipital Technique practitioners in Canada.

I have also completed the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association’s Certification in Chiropractic Pediatrics and continue to attend seminars on almost a monthly basis because excellence in my field is important to me.

Dr. Sabrina, The Artist


I’ve been blessed from a young age to be gifted with an expressive mind and skilled hands. I love to draw, paint, sculpt, and even carve various media. I suppose I wasn’t sensational enough for my parents to encourage art as a future career choice, so I kept art as a hobby and creative outlet. It turns out that my large, artist hands are perfect for feeling subtle variations of muscle tone, joint fixations and pulses of different flows throughout the body. In addition, I take great care to deliver chiropractic adjustments with finesse, often intuitively.

I see beauty in symmetry. This can be in proper posture, ease of motion, balance, and even strength. These factors are important for everyone from babies learning to crawl to athletes to seniors. The human body, properly aligned and functioning optimally, is an exquisitely beautiful organism. I am in awe of its intelligent design and I feel honoured when people allow me to help restore their body to its intended state of comfort, grace, beauty, and strength.

Dr. Sabrina, The Philosopher


While all thoughts may be divine in origin, for many it takes wisdom and life experience to realize what may be profound or true. Since none of us know all the mysteries of life and beyond, we are all students of philosophy. My personal philosophy is an ever-evolving entity, shifting and becoming more defined as I, too, gain in life experience. Thankfully, the chiropractic paradigm resonates well with me. I do believe that well-being comes from taking care of yourself (with help from professionals if needed) – mind, body and spirit, and I try my best to lead by example. There is more to chiropractic healing than the movement of bones and the releasing of muscle tension, and with my scientific, artistic, and energetic background, I seek to heal patients from the inside-out.

There is much overlap in the paradigms of health espoused by chiropractors, Eastern healers, naturopaths, massage therapists, etc. We all believe in nurturing the person first, rather than focussing on “fighting” the disease. Some people require different or multiple types of nurturing, and so I am happy to cooperate with other professionals to help patients get their optimal recipe for health. I have training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and elements of TCM show up in the way I practice.


foodbank.I am a firm believer in making positive contributions to society. I regularly take part in community and charitable events, whether it is volunteering my time, donating prizes or as a participant. I can often be seen educating the public at wellness outreaches or shows, workplace or school lectures, or with an interactive screening booth. Please contact me if you would like me to participate in your corporate, community or school wellness program. I have also volunteered my chiropractic skills at sporting events, such as the World Police and Fire Games, and BMO Marathon. Since 2012. we’ve committed to helping change the lives of the kids on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. In addition to fundraising for backpacks in the summer and winter coats in the winter, we’ve travelled to Fort Peck (sometimes with 700 cupcakes in tow) to bring cheer to their often-bleak conditions. We have also held annual fundraisers for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society, collecting 4653 lbs of food in 2019!